Your OWN private BAAS in the cloud

Rooftop is a serverless backend that runs in your own account in the cloud.

With our cross platform SDKs, develop connected apps in no time.

We manage it, you own it!


How to get started

Sign Up

Click on the Console button and create an account with Rooftop, it's free!

Link with AWS

We manage the relevant resources on your AWS account so you don't have to.

Download SDKs

Integrate our SDKs with your iOS, Android or Web projects, in as little as one line.

Create apps!

Follow our tutorials to get you started building great apps. With Rooftop, it's easy!


Ask what Rooftop can do for you

Client SDKs

Develop great cross platform apps with our iOS, Android and JavaScript SDKs.

Data management

Creating and retrieving data made easy and safe: manage access with ACLs and write powerful queries in just a few lines.

Push notifications

Send and receive notifications thanks to our out-of-the-box integration with the best free push notifications service.

Cloud Code

Write custom server side logic to customize Rooftop to fit your particular business needs.


Why you will love us

Data ownership

We know how important is your data to your business, that's why it safely sits in your own account. And that's why you'll never have to migrate.

Short TTM

Enjoy an end-to-end solution at the click of a button, instead of spending weeks settings up infrastructure and developing server code and client adapters.


We constantly publish software updates, automatically provision and maintain resources, therefore saving you time, efforts and lowering ownership costs.

Transparent pricing

No hidden fees, no obscure plans. Rooftop is free during our beta period and because it runs in your own account, you only pay for the resources you use.

The Team

Meet the people who make it happen
Mark Mischenko Graphics designer
Oleh Pavliuchenko Android developer
Dmytro Pashchenko CTO & co-founder
Emmanuel Merali CEO & founder
Marina Taraba COO & co-founder
Alexander Lisovik iOS developer
Vladislav Razumov JavaScript developer